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Three Ethical Fashion Brands We Are Obsessed With

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Sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical. These are just a few words to describe the kind of fashion consumers are beginning to purchase in order to make a change within our environment. Specifically, there are three brands who have taken notice in the gradual “conscientious” purchase intentions in the fashion industry, and frankly, we are a little obsessed with all of them.


1. Ferrah – Dallas, Texas

is an eco-friendly, zero waste luxury brand based in Dallas, Texas. The brand was created and is currently the result of fashion geniuses Lela Orr and Lea Nyland Poulen. The core foundation and pride of the brand relies on beautiful construction and ethically made, balanced craftsmanship. According to the Ferrah website, “the brand name embodies the company’s ethos and ultimate goal: to create timeless clothes that make customers happy for years.” Needless to say, we think these are some incredible pieces that you will be obsessed with and that will stay in your closet for quite some time.  Also, one of the best things about Ferrah clothing is it’s produced domestically right here in the USA. Do yourself a favor and feast your eyes on some of their best sellers here.


Source: @ferrahofficial Instagram Page



2. Grind and Glaze – Cincinnati, Ohio


Grind and Glaze is a luxury womenswear brand based in Cincinnati and was founded by the Ohio native, Tessa Clark. The site explains the name: “raised by a self-taught ceramicist and a hard-working miller, the grinding of grain and glazing of pottery intersects with wabi sabi aesthetics to reimagine simple statements in an entirely new way.” Tessa designs all the garments in the fashion line and oversees every step of the production process, which is done locally. The stunningly neutral color pallet and the silhouette of the classic inspired garments truly make this brand one for the conscious consumer. Some of the tops have daring cut outs, the skirts intricate detailing, and the dresses are to fit like a glove. The designs within the brand, which can be found here, are aimed to be for any occasion and are truly sustainably made. 


Source: @grindandglaze Instagram Page



People Tree – United Kingdom


People Tree, a UK based clothing company, started in 1991 by founder Safia Minney. The clothing brand prides itself on making sure every piece in the collection is held to the highest possible standard of ethical fashion and is environmentally sustainable. Sustainable designs should not have to sacrifice style, so the brand features fun, modern, trendy garments with prints and color so the consumer doesn’t have to do without while helping the environment. According to their website, the brand launched their first collection in order to meet the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is a certification of the Soil Association, and People Tree was the very first in the industry to win the World Fair Trade Organisation product label. The clothing company is definitely doing its part by using non-toxic chemicals and low impact dyes. If you are anything like us, you will want to add some of these pieces to your wardrobe stat by checking out their new arrivals here.


Source: @peopletreeuk Instagram Page

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